Stëfolga Engineering has been serving the industry since 1999 in different capacities, with speciality in hardware and process/systems engineering and re-engineering.
Our operations provide technical support to address system integrations, life cycle issues, facilitate systems thinking at both the system and business support levels.

We focus on result oriented solutions, where quality, technology and productivity are the key drivers. Stëfolga Engineering specializes in plant relocations, equipment installations, maintenance contracting and shutdowns. We provide qualified tradesmen ranging from millwrights, welders, iron workers, boilermakers, pipe fitters, carpenters, and electricians.

Stëfolga also provides engineering, infrastructural support and turnkey maintenance of equipment for mobile standard primary and secondary health facilities especially in oil producing areas.

Specialty Vehicles Division

Today, medical healthcare providers are increasingly appreciating and turning to the adoption of mobile health clinics to expand their medical assistance in rural, urban centres and emergency situations.

Providers are attracted to the flexibility and efficiency of the mobile health clinic for delivering vital healthcare services, especially for under-served populations. These advancements are bridging the gap between the mobile clinic and a fixed-site hospital, and have made timely patient-professional consultation more attainable.

Stëfolga’s Specialty Vehicles Division specializes in the design, fabrication and service of Bloodmobiles, Mobile Dental Clinics, Mobile Exam Clinics, Mobile Mammography Units, Mobile X-ray Trailers and Mobile Laboratory Unit and other allied vehicles . With over two decades of combined experience in the industry, our Specialty vehicle division has delivered comprehensive solutions to remote regions in South America, Asia, Middle East and African countries.

Stëfolga in partnership with a leading indigenous Non–governmental organization established with the support of the United States Government President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEFAR) has deployed the mobile clinic services and units in some states in Nigeria, amongst which are Delta State, Abia State, Taraba State, Niger State, Ogun State and Lagos State.



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